What do you get if you leave pure cycling passion alone in a room with the cutting-edge technologies of French precision-machining expert FIDEMECA-Bérieau?

Our answer: a wide range of high performance hubs named AIVEE.

Our products are lovingly developped by a team of 4 tech-savvy cycling enthusiasts. Not only have we spent 20 years acquiring industrial experience, we have also covered thousands of sweaty kilometers on roads, tracks and paths, and know exactly what we want when it comes to quality and performance.




Based in the Vendée region of Eastern France, in the small town of Sainte Florence to be precise, our 6000-square metre production playground is equipped with some of the most up-to-date equipment to be found in the business.

Two CAO SW posts with numerical simulation take care of the design while over 50 numerically-controlled machines produce the components from full blocks or rods of raw material. In order to guarantee resistance and durability, we use aerospace aluminum which is anodized after machining.

We are fully autonomous and flexible: everything is conceived and produced on site. This means we have strict control over all processes and can ensure consistent quality as well as optimal timeframes.




We don’t just hang out in the workshop, we ride. Our industrial competences would be nothing without our practical experience. We also work closely with a number of professional riders and can rely on continuous, qualified feedback straight from the field. Whether it’s on the road, the track or the trails, we test our hubs to the limit to make sure they’re up to the highest level of performance.




We wouldn’t know what we know now had it not been for the experienced input of machining expert FIDEMECA-BERIEAU, a major player in the demanding industries of aeronautics, medical supplies, off-shore production, rail transport and motor sports for over thirty years.

We can rely on their extensive knowledge of titanium and stainless steels, super duplex stainless steel as well as aeronautical aluminum and all types of technical plastics, to produce hubs of the highest quality.